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The Perfect Calorie Burn! The Perfect Calorie Burn

The Indo-Row Machine

The Indo-Row Machine is made by WaterRower, one of the leading indoor rowing machine manufacturers in the world, and is specifically designed to be lightweight, portable, space saving and vertically stackable.  In fact, 3 Indo-Row indoor rowing machines can be stored vertically in the same amount space as ONE indoor cycling bike!

The patented WaterFlyWheel has been designed to emulate the exact dynamics of a boat moving across the water, and creates a wave-like sound in class that is engaging, mesmerizing and feels like the real thing!

The unique geometry of the Indo-Row Machine makes it easy to row with good technique, even for a beginner rower, and the quality construction provides a natural, fluid connection with every stroke.

And the patented Indo-Row Machine console makes it easy to teach Indo-Row classes and enables students or home users to see their progress, stay motivated and get results.

Every machine includes access to Indo-Row/WaterCoach's online instructional training and workout video library to get you up and rowing or take you to the next level.

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Premium ash hardwood construction farmed from sustainable Appalachian forests provides durable, yet stylish fitness equipment.

Sealed polycarbonate Water Flywheel tank allows for a unique and authentic rowing workout experience.
Proprietary monitor provides measurement of progress, encouraging users' results.
We are proud American Manufacturers!



Length = 83.5 inches
Width   = 22.25 Inches
Height = 20 Inches
Weight = 61 lbs/dry 98 lbs/17l of water

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