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The Perfect Calorie Burn! The Perfect Calorie Burn
Indo-Row Machine and Program Testimonials
What Olympic Rowers Are Saying:
What New Indo-Row Participants Are Saying:
Why People Keep Coming Back to Indo-Row:
I lost 17 pounds and 12% BODY fat.
- Dr. L. Annes
My tush is up, my tummy is down and the definition in my arms and legs is to die for!
- D. Setlin
Indo-Row is the most complete workout that I have ever had. 
I have tried kickboxing, aerobics, circuit training, but none have left me with the positive results that I have received from Indo-Row. 
My energy level has increased. I am an asthmatic, and my breathing has greatly improved since I started Indo-Row.
 - David C.
I have been exercising for over 30 years and have never had as pleasurable or exhaustive experience and aerobic workout as offered by Josh C with Indo-Row. The hour flies by, and is exciting, stimulating,and provides an amazing experience.
I would heartily recommend it to everyone in the most laudatory of terms.

- R. Ehrlich  M.D.
Indo-Row has been such a gift in my life. I am a 58 yr. old woman who started running when I was 30 years old. I ran 3 marathons and loved running; but over the years my knees, back & legs could not take the pounding. Indo-Row is the best workout I have ever experienced. I have absolutely no pain in any of my joints and the workout encompasses all my muscles.
I feel so fit, so strong; I am ready to take on anything!
- Carrie O.
Indo-Row has helped me develop my core strength which has helped my posture which has helped my balance and
my over-all well being.  On top of all that it is fun,fun,fun!
- Sandy G.
Having turned 60 years old, I had resigned myself to boring, all-by-myself cardio workouts.  I was either intimidated or unintrigued by classes filled with fit, younger participants.  When Indo-Row was introduced at Sports Club LA, I decided to try it, assuming that everyone would be a beginner.  At least I would have a level playing field.  I was hooked after the very first class! Here was a sport where I could get a total body workout, feel successful and have fun!  Now, months later, I am a convert.  I have lost 15 pounds, have increased stamina and still enjoy every class. I have found, at the end of an intense day at work, that the focus it demands  is a wonderful way to relieve stress. 
Josh Crosby is a motivational and supportive coach/teacher/Indo-Row guru.  I recommend Indo-Row enthusiastically.
 - Jane C.
With your hands-on training technique and motivating personality I've lost eighteen pounds (18 !) and gained more muscle. You have inspired me to achieve a fitness level that ten years of other programs could not match.
- Diane G
Indo-Row™ is truly a complement for all athletes who wish to combine other cardio (running, spinning, swimming)
with their workout regime.
- Diane L
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