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The Perfect Calorie Burn! The Perfect Calorie Burn



Indo-Row® has hit both coasts and
CBS votes Indo-Row® one of
NYC’s “Hottest Group Exercise Classes.”

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Perfect for Universities

IndoRow from Ohio State Recreational Sports on Vimeo.

Fox 5 News San Diego covers Indo-Row, the hot new workout, with Olympic Rowers Dan Walsh and Luck Walton from Engine Room Fitness.

Chicago Sun Times - October 2011
"NuFIT is one of fifty clubs in the world that has put in the Indo-Row program. Indoor Rowing works nine major muscle groups and is the perfect total body workout. People row together in an Indo-Row class and the support and enthusiasm is unbelievable." - Angie Asmann - August 2011

Digital Modern Luxury - February 2011 - January 2011

Ultrafit Australia - October 2010

Denver Post - October 2010

Jennifer's Blog - October 2010

Triathlete Magazine - September 2010

La Times - June 2006

Daily Candy

“The Secret is Out: Here is how Hollywood’s bodies stay lithe and lean. Indo-Row: Estella Warren takes classes featuring drills an timed races on rowing machines.”

CNN Headline News: Health Minute
"Who needs a river when you can get the same effects rowing indoors."

Fox News 'Fox and Friends'
"Hottest new fitness phenomenon since indoor cycling!"

Indo-Row chosen as one of the ‘Hottest Workouts in NY’ "It's a lot of fun, the hour goes by quickly and you burn a lot (calories)"

Outside Magazine
December 2006 issue of Outside Magazine featuring Indo-Row is listed as #10 on Outside Magazine's 'O List: The Outside 100.’ The Outside 100 is a list of the year’s most important people, ideas, trends, and gear.

Los Angeles Times
“Great cross training for such activities as cycling and running...”

New York Times
"...not only can Indo-Row become addictive but this full-body workout may also reshape you from shoulders to calves...former runners and people with chronic injuries find Indo-Row offers a great low-impact way to avoid pavement pounding."

Daily Variety
“Best Bets for sweats...(Indo-Row) set to become the next hottest fitness trend...It works all the major muscle groups without stressing  out the knees and back.”

Angeleno Magazine
“...Crosby Inflicts a form of torture not seen since viking stroked their way to Nova Scotia."

Shape Magazine
"... start rowing your way to a stronger, leaner body."

Fitness Magazine
"Cardio Challenge of the month...row away 300 calories (in 15 mins.)”

Daily Candy
"... you may find the class so much fun you forget you're burning as many as 1,000 calories an hour and getting what Josh claims is the best tush workout in town.”

Time Out Magazine
"This team-oriented workout phenomenon, started in L.A. ... is making waves in New York with eight packed classes a week. Students row in sync but at
their own intensity level, which determines how many calories you burn and how much your hamstrings, torso and triceps will ache. ... Indo-Row is
endurance-testing and upbeat."

KTLA/CW - News Show
“This is a rowing machine workout that is considered the workout that burns the most calories, in the least amount of time. Good for all ages."

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