Indo-Row Coaches

Indo-Row Coaches

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Coming Soon! All registered Indo-Row Coaches will receive access to our new, innovative education site. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Indo-Row Quick Catch Newsletter announcing the launch and further details.
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Below are links to exclusive Indo-Row® class content including predefined & structured workout material.

Doris’ featured workout/playlist (featured in newsletter): class_doris_thews_feb2012.pdf

Instructor Manual Workout 1 (2012): instructor_manual_workout_1_2012.pdf

Instructor Manual Workout 2 (2012): instructor_manual_workout_2_2012.pdf

Indo-Row® Class 1 (2010): Indo-Row_class_1_2010.pdf

Show Session Outline Class (2009): Indo-Row_show_session_outline_class_2009.pdf

Class Design Sheet Template: Indo-Row_class_design_sheet_blank.pdf


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“The Indo-Row® Machine has been an indispensable tool in my training for the 2012 Olympics. It gives me the authentic feel of a rowing stroke which then transfers back to the boat. I enjoy the machine and think it is perfect for any level of rower.”
— Dan Walsh, US National Team Rower, 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist

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